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Caribbean Hotel Services is a small company recently formed in the UK to provide online marketing and distribution services to UK based tour operators.

About CHS (Caribbean Hotel Services)

We provide staff recruitment and short term training needs both on the island and product knowledge training to UK based tour operators. With most of the resorts located in small island communities with limited skill set it is difficult to be as market competitive.

In the past it was relatively straightforward working with tour operators and paying a fee to be featured by them. Today with the advent of the online giants such as Google, Expedia and and the desire of many guests wishing to book their stays directly online without having to go through these third party channels has opened up new opportunities.

Guests know they’re usually able to get a better price by booking directly on the hotel’s website and the hotel has better margins due to no third party booking fees. However due to the limited available skills on these islands the small independent hotels are very much at a disadvantage to the larger chains to take advantage of these opportunities. On many of these islands there are often quite strict work permit rules, red tape and not to mention the not always guaranteed wifi.

Our services

Recruitment and training

We know all the best recruitment companies to assist in finding management talent and specialists in staff training. We can act on your behalf as introducer to these companies.

UK tour operator training

We know all the major tour operator companies and being based in the UK have a close relationship with them to ensure hotels are not only featured in their programs by making it easy for them, remembering the adage. ‘Out of sight out of mind’. We can provide training for call centre and reservation agents to improve the product knowledge of these hotels to these companies in order to match the right clients to the right properties.

We can collect and follow up on receivables so funds due are paid in a timely manner.

Channel management solutions

We provide the following solutions:

  • Assist your reservation staff to manage the OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies)
  • Provide a booking engine connected to the resorts website
  • Offering payment gateway interface
  • Review minder and reputation management
  • Assist in website development
  • Interface with the various PMS (Property Management Systems) to have real time rates and inventory available
  • GDS (Global Distribution System) interface so the resort can be viewed by approximately 100,000 retail travel agents

Strategic business advice

CHS can provide strategic advice to hotel owners or investors in the region.

Caribbean Hotel Services with its proven experience over many years in the Caribbean was set up to assist small independent Caribbean hotels to overcome these issues by providing a one stop, connection with the various services and skills needed in the UK by an independent Caribbean hotel.

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